Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cirkafrica : A very good spectacle

We watched Cirkafrika yesterday. It was really good one! Bibingclara and i enjoyed it so much. I must say we satisfied till the end even if our feet get frozen in the beginning while waiting on the queue. Imagine, we have been already there, 1 and a half hour before the show begins to make sure we can get a good seat :)
my chilly daughter
as expected, we have got a nice spot, a good seat for us
some photos to share...
 Claudebiko tells me to bring our camera yes i had it in my bag but empty battery boohoo
i just made some photos using my mobile phone
Thanks to Agospap! Oh i forgot to tell, i also love the song in the cirkafrica and what a coincidence coz i went to the grocery this morning and i heard it playing. Ohh la la i love the song! two songs actually! if only somebody who could tell me their titles that would be lovely. I'm searching on the internet hoping i could find the title but no found any. This should mean i must re-see the cirkafrica to re-hear the songs? hehehe :)

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