Monday, December 3, 2012

Birthday treat : Asian resto

Another treat from a friend last monday, we have been into a chinese-vietnamese restaurant. The food is good and the price is ok. My friend is not into soup so she ordered rice. And mine, i ordered dry noodles with a separate bouillon ( she recommends i try it ) :)
i enjoyed my noodles yummy! the reason why she was treating me? it was her late bday celebration kaya pansit ang kinain ko hahaha pampahaba ng buhay ;). A part from that, she has restaurant ticket to be consume till end of the year.
tea time continues chez elle (just walking distance from the restaurant ) with a birthday cake that her mother in laws made for her
Yummy sponge cake covered with chocolate, we both enjoyed eating the cake with a bit of "confiture" i also enjoyed her sample tea from Fauchon. One day, i would also like to invite her hindi nga lang sa restaurant dito lang sa bahay hehehe ipagluluto ko sya ng Pancit :)

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