Sunday, November 13, 2011

Daing at Puto

Daing is a dried fish and this is actually what i missed! i like eating it as breakfast with matching fried rice :) When my friend asked me if i want some daing from her province ( davao ) i said yes quickly! then she offered my 3 pieces. Ubos in one sitting! i fried it and i ate it with kamatis and itlog na maalat :)
daing - it is also nice with Champorado
Another favorite breakfast is Puto. Puto is a steamed rice cake. I never tried making puto. Making puto on my own is on the list. I actually purchased already some sets of puto molds in 2 different sizes ( small and medium ). Last week, we had 4 pcs. puto that my friend gave us i really would like to get her tita's puto recipe because they were so yummy.
puto - it is nice with Dinuguan
It tastes so buttery with a crumbled texture. I am guessing if they used a combination of corn and rice flour. Very intruiguing but i like how it tasted! I must get the recipe so i can make my puto soon :)

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